Hi ladies and gents! If you’re reading this site, I’m 99 percent sure that we’re friends in real life, so thank you for spending time here. As the title states, this blog is all about Austin and my adventures exploring adulthood. Shoot me a note at kristenewiley@gmail.com if you have a new place you think I should try or if you’re curious about learning more about the city!

Here’s a bit about my life as told through poorly-shot photographs:

I graduated from UT, just like most of my friends and most of the people in Austin.

This girl is my best friend and she means a whole lot to me. She also offers the best advice, even though I rarely take it.

I love red wine and I love my puppy. Not in that order. Here’s Stella enjoying a glass in the Texas Hill Country.

I’ve known these two boys forever. Blondie just got married – he’s matured a bit since we were two.

I always prefer to be silly, but understand that life has its serious moments. The delightful gal playing airplane with me is my best friend, Sarah, who re-located to Dallas after graduation. We’d be no where without good cell reception and unlimited texts.

My family is super important to me – one of the main reasons why I’m not inclined to leave Texas.

I’m a dancer – in reality, I’m a PR person – but in my spare time this is what I do.

Austin is my city.


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