‘For A Good Time Call’ Your Best Friend

August 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Thanks to the always incredibly awesome Alamo Drafthouse, (seriously, how does that place just keep getting better. I hope they take over the city – like a Drafthouse Disney World), my bestie Leanne and I got to watch ‘For A Good Time Call’ before it comes out on Friday.

Let me just start out by saying that while the prim and propers of the world might want to avoid this flick, they should drag their blushing selves to the movie theater, order a glass of wine and prepare to giggle.

It’s all about Lauren, a stodgy, good girl coming out of her well manicured shell and really experiencing life for the first time. Her roommate, Katie, is the complete opposite and helps pull out the “creative” juices that Lauren didn’t know she had.

The phone sex scenes are pure gold and an awesome background to the movie, but it’s mostly about friendship, overcoming pre-determined roles and standing up for what you want out of life.

Oh and did I mention that Justin Long possibly graced us with his best performance yet? I can’t give you details, but he’s perfect in every sense of the word and he pulls off cropped pants. You go, Justin.

While I will never operate a phone sex business out of my house, some of the scenes aligned pretty closely with the relationships I have with my girlfriends. At one point, Lauren awkwardly shimmies around Katie for five minutes, showing that she is finally comfortable in her own silly skin. I’m constantly dancing about for Leanne while she says, “Stop. Ew. What are you doing. You’re a weirdo, etc.” But SOMETIMES she silly dances for me too and I love it.

Halfway through the movie the girls are swapping clothes and calling each other “sisters.” My roommate and I live in each other’s closets and she’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sissy poo of my own.

Moral of the story: Whether you run a phone sex business or not, best girl friends are just about the only way to get through life.


Before it comes out on Friday, treat your ears to the soundtrack (My Spotify Playlist: For A Good Time Call). ‘Back and Forth’ is my new favorite tune and if Generationals and Los Campesinos! are not already regs on your playlist, add them right now.

Speaking of movie soundtracks – does anyone remember the days pre-iTunes or Spotify when you’d watch a movie and then spend hours trying to find a song you heard? And then you’d go and spend $12 on the full CD, only to tire of it after 500 straight listens. I created this entire Spotify playlist in 5 minutes. I almost miss the hunt and satisfaction of finally finding the song I was lusting after. Nostalgia.


1. Back and Forth – Operator Please
2. I Promise – Generationals
3. Come Alive – Hanni El Khatib
4. Stick Together – Mack Winston & The Reflections
5. Side Saddle – People Get Ready
6. Blackwater – The Dig
7. By Your Hand – Los Campesinos!
8. He Knew – Chalk & Numbers
9. Operator – Mary Wells
10. Flowers Bloom – High Highs
11. Come Come – Hot as Sun
12. Black Water – Timber Timbre



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