Don’t go see Young Adult. Don’t do it.

December 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

These posts are mostly positive because I enjoy writing about things that I like and things that I think you would enjoy trying. However, with this post I’m making an exception to tell you why you should not go see Young Adult.

It. was. so. depressing.

Maybe it’s because I’m currently a “young adult” and because I live in a “big city,” but this movie hit a little too close to home. No, I’m not pining away for my high school boyfriend. And no I don’t fall asleep with a bottle of tequila and pint of ice cream, but I did leave my little suburban town to move on to bigger and better things.

Most of my friends have made cracks about the people from high school/college who got married at 20 and have already popped out two kids. Young Adult left me confused about whether I was supposed to feel for Charlize Theron’s character (Mavis Gary) or side with these suburbanites.

With Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman involved, I expected witty banter, complex characters and unique perspectives. Instead, we got a boring, steady plot that didn’t ever pick up. It was full of awkward moments that made you want to close your eyes because you just felt sorry for everyone involved. At one point, one of the characters plays in a band called, “Nipple Confusion,” with a group of homely older women trying to make their lives as new mothers more fulfilling. This could have been a moment for humor, but it wasn’t funny or cute.

The story focuses on Mavis Gary, an author of a failing young adult book series. One morning after a night of drinking, she wakes up to an announcement from her high school sweetheart, Buddy Slade (Patrick Wilson), that he had a baby with his wife, Beth (Elizabeth Reaser). After a few days of obsessing, she leaves her one-night stand and drives to her old hometown of Mercury, to steal Buddy away from Beth.

I will say that they painted an accurate picture of small suburban towns. Watching Mavis pass a Staples, Burger King and other chains, felt just like what I see every time I drive home. Kudos to the art director and cinematographer.

Save your $10 for something that will fill you with the Christmas spirit and put you in a good mood. Thank goodness for the Shiner Cheer I sipped throughout. It was the only happy thing about that movie.


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