Oh hello blog. And shout out to Moonshine

December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to write more often, I’m making a Christmas resolution so maybe I’ll actually stick to it. Plus New Year’s resolutions are overrated and I’m over that holiday. (See post about how I usually end up crying. Thank you expectations).

Moving back to Christmas, a holiday that I love more than cheese. Last night, we had our little company holiday party at Moonshine. It was fabulous and the food was just heaven. After drinking champagne all night long, I wish I had eaten more of the three course meal. Instead, I ate four bites of my steak and a bite of my date’s chicken. Socialization apparently took priority over the incredible food in front of me.

The steak was SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD. You should order it. (But only if someone else is paying). The Chicken dish (not on their regular menu) was covered in some fantastic sauce that was interesting for about three seconds until I accidentally forgot it was in front of me.

My best friend and I go to Moonshine all the time and order the Green Chile Macaroni every single time. It’s sad really. But we love it so we stick to our guns and refuse to even look at the menu. It’s probably my favorite restaurant in Austin and my favorite place for special evenings. We took my whole family for graduation and everyone loved it. My four-year-old cousin had a blast running in circles around the dining room, but Moonshine didn’t kick us out! So props to them for being kid-friendly! Usually I forget that kids live in Austin. I’m like, “Who is this child and where did they come from?” But if you have kids, you can take them to Moonshine and it’s just as kid-friendly as Chili’s.

Next time you’re having a big party, consider Moonshine. They really know what they’re doing and will make you feel fancy without a bit of stuffiness.

Happy holiday party week! Drink responsibly.

Oh and here’s my lovely date. What a catch.




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