Sushi vs. Chicken at Bar Chi

May 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today was our fabulous intern’s last day and we took her out to thank her for all of her awesome work. She’s adorable, and one of my good friends from college, so I’m definitely going to miss her. She’s hopping off to Miami to live a glamorous life on the beach (she’s working for a PR agency, but I’m sure there will be beach involved) and we needed a delicious meal to send her off.

When I found out we were doing sushi and going to Bar Chi, I immediately looked online to make sure there was something with chicken. I’d settle for edamame, but it’s always nice when there’s something else other than sushi. I WISH that I loved sushi like everyone else. Do y’all really like it? Or is it just a facade because you think you’re supposed to like it? I can’t even pretend…I make a face every time I look at it. Not exactly classy, but I can’t help it!

Fortunately, there were several non-sushi items, including chicken teriyaki, chicken fried rice, some tofu selections, a burger and sweet potato fries and a few other options. The salads looked great too. As much as I was craving a burger, I felt like that would just be pathetic. Chicken teriyaki is my good ole’ stand by so I went for that.

And boy was it yummy!!! The portions weren’t too huge, so I actually finished most of my chicken and veggies. It came with some sort of sushi side…I got that off my plate ASAP…and a side of steamed rice. A perfect lunch sampling if you’re into Asian food. My colleagues loved the sushi and thought it was original and flavorful. The display was gorgeous too.

I will say that service was pretty slow. We got out of there in about an hour and fifteen minutes. Not ideal for work lunches, but it was a nice experience and a good break from the day.

When you walk in, you’ll notice that it’s quite a bit bigger than you think it’d be. There are several tables and a bar area. I especially noticed the bar area when two adorable lawyer-looking types sat down. They were more environmental-type lawyer than lawyer-lawyer, so no stuffy suits. They were cute enough to make me wish I’d done my hair for work today! Not that good looking men are a reason to go to restaurants, but if you’re going to spend the $10 and take time out of your day, they are definitely a perk.

I heard Bar Chi also has an awesome happy hour. My work friends and I will definitely be back. Not for the sushi in my case, but for the atmosphere.

Wear your heels and get a little fancy for this place. Especially if lawyer boys are regulars.

**Photos pulled from the website. I took some of the food on my phone which I will upload as soon as I find the cord!**


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