Cause Earl had to die

April 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

My friends and I are kind of obsessed with winning things from Do512. It’s not unhealthy, but we do get a super high from getting that tweet saying, “Congrats, @KristenWiley, you’ve won tickets to tonight’s show!” We win suprisingly often and I fear that once more people get with it and hop on the Twitter bus, these happy times will come to an end. But for now, I’m milking it for all it’s worth.

So anyways, in a span of 5 minutes, I won tickets to see the Coveters at Momo’s, and a girlfriend of mine won a gift card to Enzo for Tuesday night karaoke. We celebrated with some tweets and then moved the conversation to text to avoid any more dorky, annoying Twitter back-and-forth.

Scorcese and I pulled our sleepy selves off the couch on Monday night to go see the Coveters and after a few minutes decided it was totally worth it. They were up-beat, soulful and all around charming. They brand themselves as “a side project of rotating artists,” with the adorable Warren Hood and the talented female lead, Suzanna Choffel, who was entertaining, if not slightly annoying. The drummer, Jeff Botta had more personality than any drummer I’ve ever seen and I found myself watching him more than anyone, even when he was drenched in sweaty wife beater. Supposedly, they play often. Their website wasn’t updated, but I’m sure they’ll be around.

Tuesday night we headed over to Enzo on W. 5th for karaoke. I’d never heard of this place and apparently it’s not exactly the most happening bar on a Tuesday night. This is fortunate because as we were walking in, I tripped and fell on my face….I’m used to this, but it always hurts worse when it’s a packed bar!! (Totally sober, for serious).

We commenced mojito drinking and kept mentioning the possibility of trotting up to the stage to sing, without ever actually doing anything about it. It was a sad little stage, with a middle-aged man quietly singing and dancing to himself while he DJed. Not exactly calling out for a fun-filled night of Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, BUT THEN after a few drinks and some persuasion from some old men (50-year-olds) we worked up the courage and started picking out our songs.

The boys went first, picking some crowd-pleasing boy band song and impressing us all with their pop-star dance moves. Scorcese is scary good at dancing like Justin Timberlake.

Following the boys was tough, but my friend and I got up there and belted out Goodbye Earl, a favorite by the Dixie Chicks. Seeing as how my country twang gets a little worse when I’m tipsy, country songs are really the only way to go. We all proceeded to make fools of ourselves, especially when the DJ would shout out “KAMIKAZE” and select a pair of us to sing a random song of his choice. He picked Girls Just Want to Have Fun for me and my friend. Stereotyping much?! I’m kidding, that song was my ring tone for like seven years.

We stayed until midnight when they shut down the jams and we couldn’t sing anymore. I loved being able to sing with just my friends and not worry about a crowd, but I do hope for the sake of the business that more people come on Tuesday nights. I’ll probably come back, it was fun! And my karaoke could definitely use some work.

Come join me! But only if you’re not judgmental and if you also are a terrible singer.


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