Greasy Burgers Save my Life

March 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Food is definitely one of my favorite things to enjoy, but sometimes I tend to forget to eat it. The other night I was busy with work and all of a sudden it was 9 p.m. and I was about to pass out and die. You might think this is an exaggeration, but really Scorcese pretty much had to carry me to the car so we could go eat.

Since I needed food stat, we started driving down Guadalupe. Dirty Martin’s crossed our path first and we pulled in for some burgers. Even though I’ve lived within 5 minutes of this place forĀ 4 years, I’ve never eaten there. Mostly because it looked…dirty. That’s the point, I know, I know and after living in Austin for a while I’ve totally embraced dirty restaurants. They’re actually better than fancy stuffy joints because everyone is just friendlier. Food tastes better when it comes with a side of happy.

As soon as we walked in, we saw a Whataburger employee scarfing down a burger and chatting happily with the Dirty Martin’s waiters. I think we can all agree that if a Whataburger employee is enjoying the food, we’ll all enjoy the food. Why leave the comfort of yummy Whataburger grease if the grease at Dirty Martin’s wasn’t even better?!

Heading further inside, we were greeted by every waiter and waitress like we were their favorite people. After all the friendliness, I was pumped when I saw that they had onion rings on their sticky menus. I always forget about scrumpcious onion rings until I see them on a menu and then my mouth starts watering and I start prepping myself for a finger-licking good time. Sitting indian style in the booth with my elbows on the table, we ordered our burgers and a basket of onion rings and fries and sat back to catch up on the day.

Our waitress kept apologizing for the wait, but the food was out in ten minutes. Maybe we just looked extra hungry and she took pity on us.

Looooveee exuded from my heart and soul when I bit into that burger. It was so good. I was also so hungry. My opinion should be taken lightly, due to my state, but it really was good and my favorite part was how relaxed I felt afterward. Full and happy, we went home to watch our shows and play with the puppy.

The patio is always packed when the weather is nice, and I hope to come back once summer hits.

**Thank you Dirty’s for the photos from your website**


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