Feeling Very Brunchy

February 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Pretty much my entire childhood, my mom would always tell me that the time between college and having babies was the best time of her life. I used to take offense to this seeing as I like to think that her life got infinitely better when I arrived, but now I understand.

I could list 50 kajillion reasons why this is probably the best time of my life, but one of my favorites is definitely going to brunch.

Weekend mornings are just perfect because you can stay in bed as late as you please and then mosey on over to your favorite brunch spot for coffee and pancakes. There’s no rush to get pretty or even move, because those eggs and that mimosa aren’t going anywhere!

I meet my girlfriends for classy brunch, I take my parents to really expensive brunch (they pay, duh), I go to brunch with my man when I don’t feel like chatting…brunch is just a happy, relaxing weekend activity that preps you physically and emotionally for a day of errands or a night out.

This brings me to my new favorite brunch spot…Bouldin Creek Coffehouse. It was so good!!! I had the El Tipico and the flavors from the hot salsa combined with the fluffy, light eggs and fresh tortillas made for a filling, delicious meal. Tortillas and eggs are difficult to mess up, but the spicy, natural tasting salsa woke up my mouth and made everything else taste even better. My friend ordered the Granola Sunrise cereal and loved that as well. She wasn’t that hungry, but still felt completely satisfied. I avoid things that involve granola, but if you’re a healthy person, you’ll probably love this place. Our waitress told us that she was a vegan for five years and that their veggie burger is her favorite in Austin. I’ll take her word for it.

In addition to excellent, unique food, the coffee was perfect. I don’t actually ever enjoy coffee all that much. I drink it socially or if my third or fourth diet coke just isn’t cutting it for my caffeine fix. But this coffee didn’t make me want to gulp it down as fast as possible because drinking it was an enjoyable experience. I had three cups, which was dumb, but I got a lot done the rest of the day!

I tend to think that the atmosphere of a place can make the food taste even better. As I drove down by South First, I got a little lost in a neighborhood behind the coffeehouse. Cute, older homes, similar to Hyde Park or Enfield houses were sporadically mixed in with apartments. I loved the feel of the area. The coffeehouse fit nicely with its surroundings and the décor was quirky and fun. Lighting is really important to the feel of a place and I loved what was hanging from their ceiling.

One of my favorite DIY chandeliers courtesy of Apartment Therapy:


The people all looked relaxed and everyone was laughing and enjoying their company. Wait for food was pretty long, but they warned us and we were so comfortable that we appreciated the extra time to talk. We sat inside, but if you have a dog I recommend bringing him and sitting in the sunshine.

Think about Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse next time you’re in the mood for original Austin fare in an artsy, laid-back environment.


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