Champagne flavored kisses, sexy drummers and the pretty people…oh, and Happy New Years!

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

NEW YEARS EVE. Obviously the most important night of the year, because well, it’s the last night of the year. It’s an excuse for women everywhere to wear glittery high heels, shimmery short dresses and tacky silver eye shadow. (Pass on the silver eye shadow if you actually want that kiss at midnight). Overhyped and underwhelming, New Years Eve is a big darn deal to us ladies.

As Queen Kristen of the Land of Overhypement, making holidays overly important is what I do. NYE has always been a bit of a let down. Every year since I can remember I spent it at a big party at my house with all of my relatives. Sounds nice I know, but after 10 or so years of board games and playing house with my little cousins, I wanted something more grown up. As a serial relationship girl, I always had a boyfriend to smooch when the clock struck midnight. It was always a quick peck of course because my grandparents were watching after all. Last year, when I was still 20, I accompanied the boy I was dating to a huge party at his house in the Woodlands. He’s wealthy and it was a fancy schmancy stupid gala of an event. Sure I got to get all glammed up, but I was with the most boring boy in the world at the most stuffy house party I’ve ever been to. I would have much rather been climbing up and down the stairs with a three-year-old on my back. A ritzy party might seem grown up, but let me tell you, it was not.

So, long story kind of short, this year was going to be perfect. And it simply was.

Scorcese came to town to ring in the new year with me so I knew I’d at least be getting a yummy kiss. I waited until the day before to plan our evening, which stressed me out, but I’m trying this new thing called spontaneity. We looked through Do512 and landed on Momo’s to see the Belleville Outfit and Warren Hood and the Goods. Scorcese had been to Momo’s before as West 6th used to be his place, but I’d never been. He described it as a place for “the pretty people.” When I asked if we were “pretty” enough, he didn’t respond…

Rounding up another couple was easy and after ordering four tickets I prepared myself for a mediocre NYE.

The boy and I ate a pre-festivity dinner at Moonshine and I started an evening of drinking with a good ol’ margarita. (Their orgasmic green chile macaroni and spicy popcorn deserve a post of their own). We then went home to get glam.

By get glam, I mean my girlfriend came over and we spent hours in my room while Scorcese and her man watched football in the living room. I think that trying on 15 million dresses and high heels and doing each other’s hair is one of the best parts of any night out. At one point we told the boys that we weren’t done being girls yet to which they retreated back to the couch.

Finally ready, one glass of champagne in, we were off to our big evening of fun (or failure, I still wasn’t sure). Fortunately…the minute we walked into Momo’s I loved it! It was just the right amount of grown-up class, while still being kind of spunky. We went out to the outdoor patio for a while until Scorcese and I went to dance. His partnering skills far surpass mine, but being spun around is fun no matter how clumsy I am!

Both bands were absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend going to see them. Great to dance to, enjoyable to listen to and overall incredibly talented.

Here’s a clip of the Belleville Outfit performing at Momo’s. The drummer isn’t in this, but take my word for it that he was super yummy and talented – don’t worry Scorcese knows about my thing for drummers.

The whole thing was very When Harry Met Sally. No my man did not eloquently profess his love and I didn’t tell him I hated him, but we did dance cheek to cheek and snog quite a bit. The band played Auld Lang Syne and everyone drank champagne. It was perfect.


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