Gypsy’s can make me dinner every night

November 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Okay so there weren’t really any gypsies at the Gypsy Picnic Food Trailer Festival yesterday, but there was plenty of scrumptious food.

I went with a few girls, but we invited several of our guy friends. On our way over they all called us saying they had already left because the lines were too long and there were too many people. For a quick second we thought about scrapping the idea and heading to Threadgill’s but pressed onward through the traffic. And thank goodness we did. While yes, the festival was definitely more female-friendly and I can see why our dudes turned around, it was an Austin event for everyone.

The sensory overload was everything I could have hoped for. Every trailer smelled delicious and we just kept walking around trying to find the best places to try.

I’m the wary eater of the bunch so I settled on Hat Creek Burgers. My friends started at The Flying Carpet, but were slightly disappointed with the flavors. My burger was fantastic. Not Hut’s quality, but it tasted very similar to the burgers my dad grills. Simple and flavorful.

Mostly excited for the dessert, we made our way over to the dessert area. Let me be corny here and say HOLY COW to Holy Cacoa. I love me some cake balls. I don’t really want a wedding cake, I mean I do I guess, but mostly I just want cake balls. Lots and lots of cake balls.

It reminded me of the food tents at ACL (probably because C3 handled both) but everything was way cheaper and sample sized.

Sipping our frozen hot chocolates on the way back to the car, we were in chocolate euphoria. I can’t wait for next year, especially since I’ll hopefully have a puppy to bring along!


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