ACL picks and why I love ’em

October 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hello hello!

ACL is finally upon us. Instead of doing my finance homework or cleaning my apartment for my wonderful ACL guests I’m sharing my favorites with you. I’m not a pretentious music person, I love music plain and simple and I like most all of it if it’s good. Except old timey country…don’t get that crap near me.

FirstĀ are the bands that everyone loves and I of course like:

– Muse

– M.I.A.

– The Black Keys

– Spoon

– Norah Jones

Now for my real favorites that I’m about to fall out of my chair in excitement for:

1. Ra Ra Riot – Tell me that you don’t hear the lyrics, “my bed’s too big for just me,” or “I think about you nightly, oh can you tell I’m losing sleep,” and don’t go weak at the knees. If you are a man, you probably don’t go weak anywhere, but I hear Ra Ra Riot and my insides turn to romantic mush. This is my ‘getting ready for a date’ band and I LOVE them. I will probably fall in love with the singer during the show…or I’ll for sure fall in love.

2. Vampire Weekend – Duh. Everyone thinks Vampire Weekend is the bees knees, but really, they are. Their albums are the soundtrack to my life. Especially Campus – I picture myself with a good looking co-ed sitting outside studying. I’ve never sat outside with a good looking co-ed studying, that would require me to spend time studying…but in pretend land it happened.

3. The xx – As a contemporary dancer, I can’t help but listen to The xx and choreograph in my head. Also, their videos are awesomely simple and the musicality makes my dancer self super happy. We’re planning on attempting to attend their aftershow at Malverde.

The Islands

4. Robert Randolph & The Family Band – If you like rockin’ feel good music, you will like Mr. Randolph. You’ll just leave happier. Don’t be ashamed to shake your hips and shimmy…I’ll beĀ THAT girl during this performance and I’d love some company.

5. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – I’d be lying to you if I told you I didn’t originally find out about this band from a Grey’s Anatomy episode. Grey’s episodes have the most dreamy, mellow songs and Falling or Flying was a perfect fit. I listen to her albums when I’m falling asleep, but I think I’ll settle for perfectly relaxed and content during their show at ACL.

Others that I’m excited for, but don’t want to go into detail about:

– The Temper Trap (um hello, 500 Days of Summer soundtrack)

– Amos Lee

– Matt & Kim (because I like to jump up and down and they are fun)

– Yeasayer

– Band of Horses


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